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Diversity through Duets

Doppio Movimento Piano Duo

Libby Vanatta & Luis Sanchez
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Travel the world with piano duets and duos!  Experience the spirit and culture of other countries from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Composers will be selected from all over the world (all continents, excluding Antarctica) in a quest to discover new styles and sounds not typically found in Western classical music.


The aim of this project is to introduce piano literature for four hands and two pianos at a variety of difficulty levels, composed by underrepresented composers.  Special attention will be given to living composers, women composers, and people of color. 


By exploring diversity through music, it is easy to recognize our similarities and differences.  We are all in the same global community of musicians with like goals and aspirations.  We all want to make fantastic music that enhances and sometimes even changes the world.  Thankfully, we are also unique.  How boring the world would be if all music sounded exactly the same!

Scroll down for sample videos or click below for a comprehensive list of pieces included in our project presentations thus far with video links and score information!

Blue Surface

Presentations and Concerts

No upcoming dates.

Stay tuned for performances to be added to the schedule for this duet series.

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