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Piano Pedagogy Degrees

at A&M-Commerce


The keyboard department at A&M-Commerce strives to develop the unique interests of all keyboard majors and to expand their horizons.  Our undergraduate and graduate students receive personal attention and are provided with the tools to develop, sharpen, and expand their keyboard skills through performing, teaching, and studying of standard literature.  Our outstanding faculty is committed to nurturing students on a one-on-one basis with a focus on fulfilling individual student goals and interests.

Piano students receive weekly private lessons and participate in weekly studio classes.   Our comprehensive pedagogy curriculum supplements traditional keyboard studies with thorough offerings in piano literature, piano pedagogy, pedagogy internship, and organ lessons as well as diverse music course offerings in counterpoint, orchestration, conducting, piano technique, pedagogical jazz piano, and accompanying.

The field of piano pedagogy is broad and encompasses many different topics.  A degree in pedagogy should begin with a strong base of knowledge regarding all aspects of the field and then extend to intensive experience in the areas of interest to the student.  To facilitate that process, both the undergraduate and graduate programs begin with two semesters of general piano pedagogy.  Pedagogy majors then continue on into two semesters of internship in which students apply the principles that have been previously learned to practical situations.  Throughout these courses, students are given the opportunity to do work within the research field of their choice.  This work culminates in the presentation of a lecture recital on the chosen topic.

Piano pedagogy majors are encouraged to present at state, regional, and national conferences as well as complete the certification process to become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music through the Music Teachers National Association.  All courses are designed to provide the experience and background needed to accomplish both of these goals with ease.


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